Get in the Katie Habit (happyapathy) wrote,
Get in the Katie Habit

Call a Toe Truck!!!

Holy crap, look out. Yesterday was one of the the most productive days off I've had in quite some time (with the exception of the times I've used my 2 days off to make a quick trip to Vegas or Frisco). Hmmm...wait...I started to list out everything I accomplished, but I quickly realized that I didn't really do as much as I thought. Ha! So typical.

My toe itches like crazy. That's much better than having it hurt like crazy though! It's actually healing. Dave saw it today and complained that his isn't getting better, so I shared my newfound knowledge of How to Fix an Ingrown With Scissors and a Dream. Holly had me so flipped out over it, that I decided to fix it right then and there, so I...well, wait, nobody wants to know. Ah, fuck it, maybe someone else has an ingrown. I can help, folks!

So you have to scrape all the skin off. Don't be scared to dig in there with those scissors, people! And don't be fooled with that bullshit of cutting your nail at an angle...not necessary!!! Just pull the skin back every night, make sure to drain all the pus and blood, and you're good. Put a fat glob of antibiotic cream on it in the morning and slap a band-aid on it. You're good for work, I promise. Be sure it gets clean in your shower, and within a few days, it'll show improvement. Also, none of that shit is sterile, but don't worry about it; people are overly cautious about germs these days. Nothing really needs to be sterilized. Trust me, friends.

I'm never wearing those slip guards again.
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