Get in the Katie Habit (happyapathy) wrote,
Get in the Katie Habit

Damn you, marketing!

Camel has some badass marketing gimmicks. They're always sending me cute envelopes stuffed with coupons (they're cute because they're black, pink and flocked [LOVE FLOCKED STUFF]). They've sent me a pretty lighter before too. They seem to know when I don't smoke often, because that's when the offers pile in. I'm sorry to say I've been smoking a lot more than usual lately. If I'm not careful, it'll become a habit.

Well, after working 7 days in a row, I'm enjoying my day off! Today I have to take my Oregon stuff to my garage, wash my car, get auto insurance (ooops), and hopefully go to the beach (but we'll see about that). I might just get some tequila and make a day of it. Mom is leaving for San Francisco tomorrow, so it'll just be Easter and I until next Tuesday.

I just fucking noticed that Blizzard charged me...AGAIN! After I explicitly canceled the recurring charges so I could have control over it! Now that I'm working it's not an extravagant expense, but why did they just start up again? I get paid this week, so it's really not a matter of finances anymore, but if I *didn't* get paid, then I'd need that money for my SECOND PARKING TICKET OF THE MONTH. I bought 6 months back in March, which is up at the end of August. I canceled the recurring payment, so what the deuce? I better call James, maybe it's his account.
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