Get in the Katie Habit (happyapathy) wrote,
Get in the Katie Habit

Pavement Face

Okay, so I was getting a tour, and Jenn was telling me about different procedures if you have an accident, and she mentioned slips and falls, but said not one person has fallen since they all have those special slip-resistant shoes, and I made a joke about people who fall, and not more than 30 second later I totally fell headfirst on the pavement, and it was LOUD. Like, you could hear my skin slap the ground. She said "OH MY GOD!" and I wanted to totally die, but even as I'm typing this I can't stop laughing, because it's SO TRUE. Only me, people, only me. And I *never* fall, even when I'm drunk I only take a tumble maybe once a year. So I thought that was ironic and reminded me to keep myself humble wherever I go. Because the second I get cocky, the Smackdown Gods step in and regulate my ass.
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