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Date:2008-07-23 05:00

I'm ready for breakfast. It's barely 5 am, and I know today will suck fat buckets of dicks. I drank a Diet Coke to wake myself last night since I had to be up to pick up James, and it was Sandman Suicide, because I'm up and not tired. Now I have to make sure to set 2 alarms so I can get up relatively early and get myself back on track. Is that the story of my life, or what?

I started reading that book Jon gave James...Head's autobiography. [The former guitarist of Korn] I was never a big Korn fan, but I love ANYBODY'S autobiography, so I dove right in. It's already annoying me though, because if there is one thing in the world I can't stand, it's a 'born-again' anything. Omggggg, I don't want to hear about anyone who "finds" Christ, or "lets Christ in." I know if it makes others happy I shouldn't care, and for the most part I really don't, but when it comes to religious rock stars, I sort of take it personally. Like, you have millions, are strung out, depressed, hating life, and all of a sudden you find religion and you denounce your old ways and FLUSH YOUR DRUGS? I mean, I get it, I do. People change, and not everyone wants to party forever. I do understand. Well, I don't understand how they can have kids and not want to give up drugs for kids if it's that big of a problem, but whatever, I digress. So, I get that people aren't supposed to party forever, and some people find religion and all. But do you have to make a big thing out of it? Really? You have to quit the band and be a Drama Kween over it? All the pictures in his book are of him being Mister Christian, and there's a picture of him flushing a heartbreaking amount of meth down the toilet. Now, I think it's strange. If I was a rock star in a band, and I wrote a book, I'd put tons of pictures in of me with my band. I'd put friends, pets, family. Not just a fuckload of pictures of me trying to be benevolent and all holy. If I decided to be lame and "Go God", then I'd just exclude the incriminating pics of naked people. Not act as though I was God's opening act.

I guess it hits home to me because I'm not religious, and when I read their stories, I relate to most of them. I see the exact same teenage angst. The colored hair, not fitting in, drugs and booze, doing your own thing, and then music comes along and BAM, you're changed -and hooked- for life. I read this shit and think "wow, that was exactly how I felt too!" So I guess I feel somewhat cheated when these people are suddenly not rock-n-roll anymore. Like, will I be a wussy crybaby bitch too someday? I don't expect my rock heroes to be rock stars forever. It's not their partying that I care about. It's worrying that the most important thing in your life...the thing that kept you going for years and years, can someday mean absolutely nothing.

Why can't you be a Bible thumper AND a guitarist? Is it the temptation thing? Do you know you'll be a weak person and give in to temptation time and time again? Well, then, I guess your drug/sex/booze urge is stronger than your God's calling, bitch. Can't hack it? Poor baby babies. Virtue untested is no virtue at all. So ram that. That's why I fucking love Motley Crue so much still. They did the rehab thing, and their music got better, and Nikki Sixx found religion, I think, but none of them are pussies over it. They're still Motley fucking Crue, and they don't forget that. Not to speak for them or anything, but it always seemed like music was their number one. That's it, the tunes. So no matter what else happened, no matter what they're into or out of, they still want to rock. Fuck yes. Father? Husband? Religious? Friend? Drug Free? Okay, okay, all okay. Still a musician? Fucking RIGHT.

I dunno, maybe Head's just an asshole.


Date:2008-07-22 11:27
Subject:I'm Learning About the Internet {!!!}

Okay, guess what I just learned?! Those annoying stupid icons...they're LOLCATS. They're a real "thing." You know, the ones with the cats that say "I Has a Hot Dog" or whatever. I just thought people were stealing each other's fucking retarded icons. I don't know which I hate more...the ones that "has" stuff, or the ones that say things like "Kitty is pleased with your offering" or "Does Not Want."

I don't know what MACRO is. I think of macro economics, but that's all I can come up with.

I have seen the O RLY thing, but I guess people also say "NO WAI", which s something I already can't stand, even though I've only seen it a couple times.

I can't find anything about the tldr thing. But tomorrow is another day for learning!

Oh, I also want to know what "Mclovin" means. Is it a McDonald's thing? Because I do love those fucking nuggets. I've seen people say it on WoW, so I was curious as to whether it's their latest catch phrase, or if it's something else. "Nuggets? I'm MCLOVIN it!" ??? Am I on target?


I suppose I had a relatively productive weekend. I saw "relatively", because it wasn't actually productive, but when taken in context and comparison to every other weekend, it was productive for me. I suppose the whole thing is based on my style of living, and as such, I guess it's productive no matter who you are, but then again, I'm capable of so much more. In conclusion, that's it.

I had a phone interview for that manager spot at See's. I think I did okay, but I was acutely aware of my lisp while I was talking to her, and then I'd get self-conscious, and I'd start to say "uhhh." The funny thing is, I used to do so well on interviews; I was confident and happy, but now when the interviews actually count for something, I kind of mess them up. I guess it's easy to not care when you're 16 and don't really need the job? Or maybe all those years of interviewing people has made me realize how important it is to come off as as decent person? Well, overall I wouldn't say I messed it up, but yet again I'm up against people from "the inside", so all I can do is whore myself and rely on my having a better personality than the others. I even used my "friendly phone laugh", which I reserve for people who I'm trying to get to like me. It's hard to get it right without it sounding fake, but I totally aced it this time. I was all "hahaha, I'm you're BFF and oh-so-talented; trust me everybody!" The only thing I'm left to figure out...she said she'd be calling the top peeps at the end of the week for another interview (I used to tell people that to get them to go away, so we'll see...), but she said if I'm in the area to stop in the shop, then I should call her and tell her what I think. Ummm, does that mean I'm supposed to stop in and actually call her?

Whatever, it's not that big of a deal to me, because I'm only "ehhh" about the position.

Oh oh oh, Dave and I went to the movies on Thursday night! We saw WALL-E! I didn't want to go, but he insisted, and I'm so glad he did! It was a cute movie! I really love Pixar. I might even go so far as to say it was the best movie I've seen all year. Hmmm, come to think of it, it's the only movie I've seen all year. Oh, no, wait, I did see Indiana Jones. Well, anyway, we both really liked it.

On Sunday James tried to fix up Luke's bike for me, but he couldn't figure out the brake system. That sort of sucks, I was really looking forward to going bike riding. Now I don't know what to do with the bike, so it'll just sit in the garage. It's so typical how stuff doesn't work out for me, hahaha.

I tried those new Hot Pocket-thingies. They're sort of like breadsticks. They were all right, but not as good (or as cheap) as a real Hot Pocket. Well, I prefer the Lean Pockets Subs, if we want to get all technical about it. I don't like the buttery-ness of the regular Pockets anymore. In fact, I might go so far as to say I dislike butter entirely.


Date:2008-07-17 16:14

This guy! Warcraft Millionaire! This guy spend $40,000 real dollars for a million WoW gold. He justifies it by saying he already has property, and doesn't want a sports car or a boat. I APPLAUD THIS BULLSHIT! Of course people are commenting, saying it's "such a waste" and he needs to "get a life", but I'm not seeing anything wrong with it. Does that make me a pathetic, hopeless gamer? That guy could throw off his entire server's economy if he wanted to! I mean, I'm not into that kind of stuff that makes other people happy either. I wouldn't want a boat or a BMW. If I already had paid off property and had a decent amount of money to burn, I would splurge on gaming stuff too. We're talking a phatty-boom-batty big screen so I can play Zelda and whatnot. I don't know if I'd buy gold; I don't need that much, but shit, I might spend a grand or two on it. Sounds bad? Well, it makes the game that much more fun when you don't have to worry about running out of money (I haven't purchased any gold before, but I do wonder how this news will affect whether Blizzard cracks down harder on gold sellers). So really, I'd rather buy gold and buy cool shit in the game, which is a lot more fun to me than spending money at a club or something equally gay 'n dumb.

Let's look at smoking. We shall assume a person smokes one pack a day. Smokes vary in price, from about $3-7 dollars a pack, so let us assume an even $5/pack, taxes included. That's $1825 bucks a year. Which is over 9 thousand dollars in a 5-year span. That's not even an extreme example, because I know people who smoke more than that, and have been since high school, which is already over ten years! Of course, it's cheaper if you buy in cartons, but even if you knock a few hundred off that total, it's still a lot, just to smoke for a few years. The same math can be applied for people who enjoy their daily Starbucks beverage. Or for us binge drinkers who spend that weekly cigarette allowance on one night of boozing. I can easily drop MORE than a mere $35 a week at the bar. Not to mention when you factor in that lots of drinkers smoke/drug up too, so that's even more money! We're looking at costly lifestyles all around, even for us lowlifes!

So why is it that gamers have such a bad rep for having no life? Sure, you can hole up in your room and drink Bawls and be antisocial...tell me again why that's so bad? Tell me why I should want to go out and "meet people" at random stupid places? I'm not on that level of extremity, and I do enjoy going out to stupid places, but I don't see why it's so important to other, more "social" people that everyone else does this? Either those social people want gamers to feel dumb, or they want to make themselves look a lot cooler, but someone should tell these social people that gamers don't give a shit. We just want to get Kara attuned. So?

If "having a life" means I have to spend $500 on an ugly brand-name purse and hang out at coffee shops chatting with whomever happens to be caffeinating themselves; or worse, attend a sporting event, then I don't want to have a life. I think I have a pretty good balance of reclusive and social, but I've always been a little more reserved, both online and in real life. Not because I'm overly shy; moreso I just don't want to have to get roped into doing stupid crap. That always seems to happen. People can't just be casual about stuff ("oh, if you wanna go, just text"), they have to latch on and leech you and make demands and say you "soooo have to come with us, and I won't stop bugging until you do." That's why I creep around online. When people want to group up I can just go AFK.



Date:2008-07-17 02:27
Subject:I Spy With My Little Stye

Well color me pissed! I have a fucking stye! What, thrice-yearly pinkeye isn't enough? I have to get every eye condition available? What's next, shall I go colorblind? The fuck! I mean, yeah, it's not a big deal, but it's the principle of the thing. It's disgusting. If I had a sharp, clean razorblade I'd go ahead and drain it myself, but I don't HAVE any sharp, clean blades. Why? Because I use them all for cutting cocaine. GEE! WAY TO GO, ASSHOLE. Well, anyhow...it says they can be triggered by stress and take about a week to go away. Hmmm, do you think? Stress? Could be.

So, check out Snickers. She somehow snuck into the house and left the World's Biggest Deuce in my bathroom. Not just, you know, a little coil. No, she went all out. She shredded up my brand-new National Geographic so she could be comfortable, shit in that, THEN it wasn't enough, so she went and shit all over the [formerly white] bathroom rug...STILL not good enough, because then she used her little claws to pull the rug so it folded over itself and smashed the deuce. Of course it was everywhere. Then as a coup de grace she went and slept in Mom's room. Let me tell you how thrilled Mom was to find her! Holy shit, she HATES Snickers. And Snickers is never, ever allowed inside. I'm so lucky she didn't go in my bathroom. Wow. I can't be too mad at her though, because what if it was my fault she was trapped in the house? I know I sleep with my door shut, and the only way outside is through my window. So if she got in and I unknowingly went to bed, she'd be trapped in the house all night. However...she could easily have crept in when my sister was leaving for work early in the morning, in which case she was barely in the house for 2 hours, and therefore my sympathy is minimal. And just yesterday I caught her shredding Time magazine (well, who cares about that crappy periodical anyway?), so maybe it's a personal thing. Dunno. I've talked way too much about my cat's bathroom habits.

Well, I gave into my urge and rerolled my Horde rogue. I had been considering it for a while, and then when Andy burst on the scene with his rogue out of nowhere, I figured it was useless to continue with it. Ehhh. I was beyond vexed when I realized I had forgotten to empty my bank beforehand, but oh well. So now I'm playing a Priest, which I've never been able to tolerate before. However I have something now that I didn't have when I first tried playing a Priest last year...SPITE. Yes, I'm rolling out of spite, and that's what keeps me motivated. I don't care. So I'm a twat. *shrug*

Speaking of Priests, I never really dug this new Pope. He's all right, I suppose, but he's no John Paul. Of course, I'm not one for religion or anything, but some leaders are just really nice, you know? I liked him even if I'm not part of his club. So this Benedict is complaining that we're all squandering Earth's natural resources; okay, Mister Green Thumbs over here. Well, secretly I was wondering...the dude had a 20-hour flight from home to Australia, and from what I know, he travels on his own private plane. That's not very economical. He then toured Australia on a boat. Well, that's not all green either. Now, just because you're for saving the whales doesn't mean you're for ending AIDS in Africa. Meaning, of course, that everyone has their own causes and it's okay to not give a shit about every single thing (or anything). And I'm not condemning the guy, but shouldn't he lead by example? Fly coach, bitch! I've always said it's SO EASY to be really liberal and caring-about-shit when you don't have real-people worries. Okay, so celebrities donate a million to their little cause. Well, good for them, but that's one million out of what, tens of millions? That's the same as my broke ass giving a hundred bucks to help doggies and kittens. Nobody sucks my titties over that. And I know if I didn't have to worry about money or bills or anything, then maybe I'd have more time to sit on my ass and judge the common person and make retarded demands upon society. I do that now, of course, but I don't look down on anyone, since all these folks are in the same boat as me. No, we don't care about Africa. Sorry. We're too busy worrying about how to pay our rent. And that's not to say that people who aren't millionaires shouldn't care. No, it's good to give a shit about something. However, I just think it's in bad taste for famous peeps to preach about how they're all anti-America, and act like we should all join in on their precious crusades. You know what, I'd like to blame the fucking airheads for that shit too...if they didn't get so star-struck and stroke their big fat bonerz for these famous people, then maybe the celebrities wouldn't be so egotistical and preachy. Seriously, the answer's to life's questions are not found in US Weekly. Well, I digress. That has nothing to do with the Pope! I was going to make a point about how I'm so sick of Popes apologizing to people for mistakes of times past...really, Australia, you need an apology? You want the Pope to say "sorry" for injustices perpetrated by the Catholics? Really? Come on, Pope, you don't give a fuck, just say so!

Ouch, now my other eye's hurting. This must be where the pinkeye comes in. Doomed, I say!

Holly and I had fun at Keeg's last night. We finally got a chance to talk, which is getting be be unusual since everyone knows us and always comes to sit with us sooner or later. [Not like, in a "we're so popular" kind of way, but more like "we're the youngest ones at the bar and we're way too nice to everyone" way.] I had bought a pack of smokes...my first pack since the end of the year. I knew it was going to be a cigarette kind of day though. Can you believe I found Lucky Strikes for $3.50 a pack? They were at the bottom of the bargain bin! I didn't go in with the intent to be cheap, I was just gonna get some Camels, but I saw them and they're hard to find, so I said to the guy "let me get those Luckies you have in there!" He sold me my lighter for fifty cents to boot. WE GOT DEALS, WE GOT STEALS! Anyhow, we were having fun, and we went inside for a while to catch the All Star game. You know, I always forget about baseball. Dave, has called me a couple times this month from work so I could go and make some changes on his fantasy team lineup, and whenever he does I think "oh yeahhhh, I should watch the game!", but I never do. So that was cool! I'm not a fan of football or basketball (unless I have money riding on it), but most sports can be fun to watch. Oh, wait, not soccer. Fuck soccer.

Once we were inside we watched the game with these 2 guys. And we smoked their weed (which wasn't nearly as good as they had bragged, but whatever). They were really nice; we especially liked the older guy, who, as it happened to turn out, was the guy who fixed Holly's car when she hit that dumb bitch last year! Small world, small bar! Holly was all "I have your business card right here in my purse!" Weird. The younger guy was a stripper, in addition to working at the body shop with the older guy. Holly was the ruthless one!!! Yes! It wasn't me for a change! He was being cocky, saying he'd give us a show, and she kept slamming him down and saying stuff like "but you're really cocky though, I wouldn't want to see it! Are you SURE you're not cocky? Because I think you are. We like Rick better!" I just kept cracking up, because I wasn't really taking him as being cocky (and usually it's my biggest pet peeve...!). My thought process was "well, he's being dumb, he's not really a stripper, I'm drunk, he's a dumbass, haha, Holly rules." They wanted our numbers like everyone always does, and it makes you wonder. First, they usually don't care which of our numbers they get. Like we're a fused entity of chick. I don't know if it's an ego thing for guy to get numbers, or if we're supposed to be flattered, but I see it as annoying. We had fun, cool, and now you have to ruin it by trying to push your luck? YOU'RE OLD! I mean, are you serious? At least these guys took a hint though. We said no, and they didn't get all bitchy on us. Ah well, anyway. I don't want to go on and on, because I'll get annoyed at the typical bar-hopping person. We had fun though!

Whoa, this entry is way too long, and I haven't talked about anything worthwhile.

Worthwhile is overrated anyway.


Date:2008-07-12 12:05

Rosco lost his collar...again. I loved his little heart tag, damn it! This pisses me off more than it should, because now I have to actually drive on a Saturday and get another one. I didn't want to have to buy anything today! Where do the collars disappear to? It makes me wonder whether he's legitimately getting trapped in bushes and they pop off, or whether he's just wandering too far from the house and they fall off in a place I'd never look. Mom suggested last time that the crows snatched it once it fell off, which is why I can't find them. I sort of like that explanation, because I hate crows, and it gives me a reason to chase them from the trees.

I found this great recipe for vegetarian stuffed bell peppers. I love red bell peppers! The best part is I can cook it for us in a crock pot; I've very much into crock-pottering.

In Tha Newz
All of a sudden that case with the woman who was left on the floor of a hospital is all over the news. Everyone was freaking out about how she was ignored and left to die, etc etc. ("This is America, how can this happen?") When I first read it, I thought "well, no, that has to be a misunderstanding. Maybe she's a mental patient who often lays like that, so it was nothing new for the staff?" I got so annoyed at everyone who started freaking out, talking about gross negligence, etc. Use your fucking brains. Why would an entire ER staff ignore a person? Sure enough, I read somewhere how she was in and out of the ER an abnormal amount of times, and that day she had already been treated and told to go home and put her feet up...and she wouldn't have died if she had done that instead of sprawling on the floor like an overdramatic hypochondriac.

A shark was spotted at the beach where Jaws was filmed. It doesn't get cooler than that! There have been frequent shark-spottings and a few bitings this year so far. They're among us [practically]! Oh, and there's a neat picture that a guy caught of a jumping shark...hmm...oh well, I can't find it, it's not that cool anyway.

Wow, there's a lot going on...a woman went to give birth and they amputated all her limbs...a guy tries to saw off his penis...a man jumps from the Disneyland hotel...a body was found off the 110...and my personal favorite, a drunk burglar was caught because he talked too much and stuck around the scene too long. HA! Yes, it's a good thing I do not burgle, because that might be my style.



Date:2008-07-11 02:06

Obviously, I can't effing sleep. Again. Even the cats are all sacked out on the deck, and are totally ignoring me. Snickers ran in, had 2 bites of food, then tore out of there like lightning. I'm quite unpopular today!

Earlier today I helped Mom fix her busted-ass wind chime. She was going to throw it out since the top broke, but she loves it (I think my oldest brother gave it to her?), so I grabbed a basket so we could weave the strings through it. It actually came out pretty cool; it's a bunch of hanging shells.

I also picked limes.

WTF, there goes my idea of reading The Fox and the Hound book. The original novel ended with a hunter nailing Tod's lifeless pelt to the wall then shooting Copper with his shotgun. Are you serious? FUCKING BURN!

I also chased coons in the yard.

Eww, I hate my journal and myself today.

But I like Chinese food . . .


Date:2008-07-11 00:02
Subject:Milk Chocolate

My goldfish were fine last night when I fed them dinner, and today I went to clean the tank and they were all belly-up! How, why?! Each one was dead! All 5! And the Pleco was just fine (currently quarantined in a soup pot in my room; awaiting a transfer to the large Penthouse tank). The same thing happened to my sister's goldfish last year. Totally sudden.

I keep feeling like there's ants crawling on me. I don't know if my psychosis is finally showing up, or if it's the material of my shirt, but it's creepy. I am not a flea-ridden or bug-infested individual! Not today, anyway.

I'm going NUTS not having a job. It's only been a few months, but I'm dying without having anything useful to do. At this point, I really don't care what the job is, so long as it's paying me at least a couple grand more than what I was making before. That's enough to get my new little place and keep my cats fed. School starts in a few weeks, so even if my job sort of sucks, I'll have that to look forward to! Maybe I'm not trying hard enough to look for a job, but I just do not want to walk around town dropping off applications (as per Mom's suggestion). I'm not 20 anymore; as far as I'm concerned, I have enough experience to just send my resume to people for their consideration. But, um, it's hard to maintain that ego when nobody calls me! Heh. I need to start rocking it though, Halloween is coming, and I can't go anywhere in a cheap costume.

On a different note, I want to go to the Natural History Museum next week. Hopefully I can (en)snare my sister into going.

I watched Alice in Wonderland last night. That's one of the few Disney movies that doesn't have a stupid ending.


Date:2008-07-10 13:56
Subject:The Blind Pig

Fucking June bugs. It's hard to believe I was That Kid who would pick up any bug (except spiders) for fun and keep them in jars. Caterpillars, roly-polys, figeater beetles, tater bugs, pincher bugs, sandbees, whatever. Now I'm way too uptight for that bullshit. These June bugs keep zooming into my bedroom! If they were moths or bees it wouldn't bother me, but I hate June bugs because they're heavy. They *thunk* into things, including me. I have this vision of them getting entangled in my hair, which is totally inconvenient and unacceptable. Today around 3 am I was having a frantic encounter, in which I was running around the room trying to knock the damn things out of the window. Finally they landed on a blanket and a towel, so I just quickly bundled them up and threw the entire blanket and towel out of the window. They're still out there.

It's so hot, I might die. Ugh. Tell me why people love the weather in Southern California, because it's just gross. And yet, as much as I hate hate hate the heat, I've always had a secret desire to live in Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana...the south, you know...and serve lemonade on a big wraparound porch. [Hmmm. Maybe I'm thinking of the film The Jerk. Appropriate, no? Heh.] I would wear heels all the time and fan myself and run a B&B. I'd also have a best friend; a black man named Jesse, but I'd call him Taps (because he can tap dance, and I would have no problem making racist jokes like that one <----).

Those coons have been coming back. They haven't tried to break in my room again, but I've been very good about not leaving any cat food in my room at all. If they smell my fish, then that's just too bad. It's a 40-gallon tank, it's not exactly mobile.

While James and I were driving home yesterday, I saw Cliff walking down the street. James said "no, that's not him", so I went "BULLSHIT, I'd know that fucker anywhere, bust an U-eee." So he did, and by Jove, it sure was him. So we got caught up in talking to him, which was okay. I've always said that he was a good guy before Shanna ruined him (and it takes a lot to ruin an ex-con with nothing but problems). He's an even better guy when he's buying me drinks and/or marijuana, which he will be doing in the near future. I might not be a weed smoker, but that's beside the point.

I have so much stuff to do, but I'm being sluggish. I threw a load of laundry in, but I'm so unmotivated to do anything else. Partly because my house is so hot, and also because I know when I go to sweep my floor there will be June bug corpses strewn about, and I don't want to see 'em. They might be only playing dead, in which case they'll flap up and get caught in my hair.


Date:2008-07-05 01:57

Things I Recommend Today

1. The following films: Nobody Knows, Devil's Playground, Soylent Green, Hell House, and Dark Days

2. Never use the Veet hair-removal lotion on your bikina area

3. Use chicken broth instead of water when making rice. Add a can of cream o' chicken for texture

4. This site: Awful Plastic Surgery

5. Opt-in for a shot to play Warcraft's WotLK beta


Fuck, I can't remember the last time I updated so frequently. It's just so hot, there is no way I'll be able to sleep. I love Saturdays; I'm home all by myself, so I wander about in my polar bear jams and don't shower until the middle of the afternoon. . .


Date:2008-07-04 22:06
Subject:Robin Redbreast in a cage, puts all of heaven in a rage

Well, it was the lamest fourth ever, but I wouldn't have expected anything less with the attitude I was sporting. James was disappointed that I didn't go, and I was *almost* disappointed too. Seriously though, the drive and parking situation made the whole thing not worth it. Not to sound cheap, but I'm really broke these days; I already made that drive twice this week! I know holidays are special, but my wallet doesn't know the difference, so I did what I thought was best.

Rosco has quickly become the most popular member of the family! Even Mom has taken pictures of him, and that is unprecedented. She got one of him on top of the nectarine tree, which buffaloed us all. How the hell is he sprawled out on the top of the tree? He's the happiest little cat you'll ever want to meet. To think he didn't have a home! Boy has he forgotten how he used to scavenge for food; if I'm late with breakfast, he lets me know. Hmmm. I feel bad; I took away his litter box and put it outside, so he'd know it was okay to have the whole outdoors, but he was just crying and crying, and finally I brought it inside and right away he jumped in. Now he's too well trained! I was hoping he'd learn from the other cats. Tomorrow I'll put it back outside and see how he does. I'm hoping he can adjust himself and go before I bring him in at night. I'm not gonna battle coons every night just to let Rosco in and out of my window.

Dave called to see whether Easter and I would want to see Bob Dylan in September in Vegas. Here's a shocker: I said probably not. What the fuck? Me, saying no to that?! Well, even though Dave offered to pay for the whole thing, I know that's just not right. Besides, it's torture for me to not gamble; I don't think I'd be able to handle that. On a more private note, I was already mentally planning a trip to Vegas in October. We'll see.

I'm starting to realize that I don't have enough forearm to get the octopus tattoo I want.

I've been craving a piece of apple pie all month. A hot, bubbling, delicious piece of apple pie (NO ICE CREAM).

I'm reading about the Amish. You know, my Grandfather was Amish. I've always thought that I could do well in that kind of farm lifestyle, but I'm too much of a whore now. They wouldn't want me. Plus, they frown on drugs, booze, and probably masturbation. How would I live!? I can easily let go of modern technology otherwise. So long, mysterious Ipod! Goodbye, cell phone! Wait, I don't think they like Motley Crue either. Well, whatever, I'd be good at the farming thing regardless. I think it's weird how the Amish are considered an "ethnic group"...same with Jews. It makes no sense to me. I mean, it makes sense in a stupid kind of way, but I still think it's weird.


Date:2008-06-28 22:59
Subject:Kiss Me Deadly

Yesterday I drove out to Venice Beach to see James' setup. Well, I actually drove to Santa Monica...the only parking I could find was in one of their lots, and I WALKED from there to Venice Beach. Of course, along the way I found thousands of available spots, so by the time I actually found James I was sweaty, hot, and pissed off. He *had* to say "it's not that hard" when I bitched about the retarded parking, and I wanted to slug him, because not all of us know the area! It's all a bunch of alleys and stupid shit...maybe if I had gotten good directions from him it wouldn't have been a problem. But no, I rely on myself, like usual. His directions always suck. I can be a GPS when I need to be.

I've got a big, fat pwner-boner for the new Motley Crue album. I've just about decided to pull the trigger and buy it off Amazon(dot com). I don't know how to download stuff (ever since Napster got taken away), and I don't want it on something that I can't play in my car, and I don't have an Ipod, and besides, I never mind buying CDs. Problem is, I'm having a hard time justifying the expense, however small. Ah, fuck it, it's on sale now for only ten bucks, THAT I can do. People have a way of making me feel dumb when I buy CDs "oh, why don't you just download it?" as they roll their eyes. Um, well, I like the booklet that comes with it? I dunno. They're good coasters? I dunno. Whatever; I already know "White Trash Circus" is gonna be my new anthem.

I'm slightly worried about Rosco. His jaw is a bit swollen on one side. It could be simple, like a bee sting, but it could be an abscess or infection. He seems normal otherwise. I can't find a puncture wound, so I don't think it was a fight. I'm debating whether to keep him inside when I leave tomorrow. To cap that, he lost his collar somewhere. Aside from that, Wolfgang has a gash on his neck (healing nicely), and my Betta fish, Rupert, went fins-up. Sorry, Rupert. What's wrong with these animals? I suppose this is where PETA would step in and scream at me for having outdoor cats, and how it's so very evil of me. But I couldn't turn Wolfie into an indoor cat if I wanted to. Nor Rosco. Snickers would, but she likes to knock over cups. It's not like I live downtown or in an apartment and am letting them out in a busy city area. I have a yard. And I think it's a crime to not let cats lay under a tree in the sunshine if they want to. Besides, every single one of my cats has lived just as long as the average indoor cat, and they aren't fat like lots of indoor ones. So ram that, PETA.

I just made Rice Krispy Treats for tomorrow's camping trip ("why is that that white trash girls think that making those is 'cooking'?" -Dave). Dave and I went shopping and got hot dogs and snacks. We're leaving early tomorrow and coming back early Monday afternoon. Such a short trip, and these guys are way overpacking. Andy calls me a squatter, and I suppose that's true...Elias and I would camp anywhere, and we barely had a tent. Oh well. It'll be fun. It's the first time all of us kids went camping since 1988. We're all gonna spend the day drunk and miserable, I'm calling it now.

On to Warcraft! I'm working on my Reputation for various factions so I can get the Stalker's Chain Battlegear. So far I have 2/5. I'm tired of being the only one without decent gear. I don't get down with PvP much, but at least it's a pimp set. Somehow my awesome fishing pole got destroyed, and I was so pissed off I couldn't log in all day. I've also decided to start leveling a Priest (again). I only got to level 7, and already I got a guild invite once someone whispered me and found out that I wasn't a noob. In order to get the Priest I had to reroll Faxanadu, but that's okay, I already have Kidicarus, and I can't have all of my characters be other gaming characters. This means I had to re-adjust everything, and now my Death Knight will have to be Horde. We'll see. I'm 6-4 in favor of Alliance, and I really don't want to be an even-steven 5-5. I have 3 fucking hunters, but don't spread that around.

I think I need to write it out so I can see what I'm doing.

A: Hunter (BM), Druid (Balance), Mage (Fire), Hunter (MM), Warrior (DPS-Fury), Priest (Shadow DMG)

H: Hunter (BM), Warrior (DPS-Fury), Paladin (PROT), Rogue (Subtlety)

From here, I'm not quite sure what to do with the future Death Knight. The obvious thing is to let my third hunter go, but I love her! Fuck. Life's choices, I tell you. I'm still not sold on my Rogue. I just hate leveling someone to 30 and then dumping them. It's like leveling a boyfriend to a year and then breaking up.

Speaking of friend, when I finally crashed out after hanging out with Holly, I had a weird dream that Josh and I were eating Chinese food or Yoshinoya or something. Then Eli came up and said "looks like you guys are having an intense conversation" and sat down. I said "I just can't eat now." It was creepy, just like old times, but not. Well, it weirded me out anyway.

Speaking of Holly, we were out late, past 1 am! That's unusual for us these days. In fact, I might even venture to say that it's unusual for me now at all. Of course, we attracted some weirdo guy towards the end LIKE ALWAYS. Luckily he was fond of Holly so I could just sit back and laugh. I think, however, that I may have been rude or bitchy. He said he was a New York Italian, and I said something like "Oh nooo, I HATE New York Italians! OH GOD. You people!" I think I said something about how I also hated people on disability ("some people are legit, but some people are just lazy and abusing the system. Which are you?"). See, it's terrible, because Holly doesn't keep me on a leash. She lets me get away with saying that kind of stuff. I swear, I do have tact most of the time. I think we might also have made a deal for crack, I dunno.

I'm not even going to buy season 4 of Welcome Back, Kotter when it comes to DVD. Not even to complete the set. I just want to forget it ever happened.


Date:2008-06-12 06:16
Subject:Prepare the secret ballot!!!

I've got the theme from "Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown" stuck in my head. Here, I looked it up for your convenience:

This is probably my favorite Peanuts cartoon. Well, along with the Great Pumpkin. Sometimes I'm secretly pissed because my siblings say I'm like Lucy when she takes the ball from Charlie Brown. They swear I can be a bully. I guess they know best, haha, but God damn it, I'm not Lucy! Once they found out that James' last name is the same as Lucy and Linus', it was all over. "Wait...Van Pelt? As in Linus?"

I'm awake, this is disgusting! When I finally passed out last night I had some dream that everyone around me was getting murdered. I can't possibly begin my day already. It's too early; I'll crash by noon.

OH! I knew that the 80's music Rolodex in my head was not mistaking...the song that the new Motley Crue sounds like is Birds Fly (whisper to a scream)! Thank God. Here, I looked it up for your convenience:


Date:2008-06-12 00:00

Holy Christ, my brother showed this Youtube video, and I can't stop laughing. I'm going to Hell, I'm a bad person, etc etc. I love the internet. I love that people make remixes of stupid crap, I love that EVERYTHING gets posted on the net, I love that everyone is a celebrity. LOVE LOVE FUCKING LOVE.

Well, I tried to go to Albertson's to get the salsa that Holly says is really awesome, but somehow I got all messed up, because the store isn't on Artesia/Western; that one crappy place "Fresia" is. I can picture the Albertson's in my mind, and I know it's off of Torrance, but I obviously failed to locate it. That's okay, I fully intend to live through the night and go for it tomorrow.

I love coming home to Rosco! He's all snug in my bed. The other cats are being really bitchy about it, but I told them they could still sleep with me; they just choose to be stubborn about it. So I do feel bad for them, but I also don't, because they're being rude about it!

I was waiting in line at Target (I purchased cat supplies), and someone rammed their cart into mine, so I turned around and was about to slap a ho, when I saw that it was JOEY! I said "dude, I was gonna take it to the streets, haha." I was so excited to see him; I actually forgot about all my prior obligations and begged him to meet me at the bar. He had to go to work at 3:00 though. It was already 1:00 in the afternoon. I love Joey! I didn't even think twice about the fact that I was in this crappy old, brown Bob Dylan shirt, and blue striped train-conductor pants. I know most relationships change with you as you age, and grow, but the one thing that I've always love about Joey is that NOTHING EVER CHANGES. I know that no matter what stupid shit I do, no matter who we're dating, no matter what we look like...absolutely nothing ever fucking matters because it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. We're always going to be stuck in the third grade mentality when we get together, and that's the best thing I could ever ask for. I am totally fearless around Joey, and it's refreshing. He always sees the best in me; even right now, when he found out I'm unemployed, he just cracked up and shrugged it off like it was no big deal, when most people would be going "omg, so you haven't found a job yet?!" He's the best. I've known him since third grade.

I tried eating those fake Fruity Pebbles when I got home, but they're so gross I said to Rosco "I better go throw up now." I just could not stand the idea of those nasty Pebbles one second longer.

I'm a lightweight today; I was totally buzzed when I got home...I told my Mom twice that Holly was going to Catalina; how can she not realize that I'm blitzed? She's talking to me like normal, and I'm going "play it off play it off play it off." I'm stumping around the house, and she's trying to have a decent conversation with me, but I'm like "blarrrgh." It's not like she cares if I drink, but I always think it's rude to show up in someone's house with a bag on.

Anyway, I was a productive person today. I got my ATM card, I bought cat stuff, I played in the yard with Rosco (and am now suffering from a nasty sunburn), I registered for school, and I hung out with Holly. Go me!

Speaking of school, I inadvertently registered for the exact same class that my brother and sister are taking. We're all in this together it seems! It's Art 2, and THANK GAWD they're in it with me, because I HATE ART. I'd rather take calculus.


Date:2008-06-09 09:33
Subject:Ripe Berries

We have ripe strawberries, blueberries, limes, zucchini, and nectarines. I'm waiting for the grapes and apples. I love stuff that grows! I begged for a spot to grow a potato patch, but we just don't have the room anymore. That's one thing I'm excited about as far as my own house goes someday...I'm willing take less house space if it means I get a huge backyard with great soil for growing. I'm no good at plants at all, but lucky for me my sister is a Botanist, so I'll have my own personal consultant. My Mom is only the second owner of our house, and before it was a house there were strawberry fields [forever] for miles. Who knew, huh? This ghetto ass suburb...fields! Anyway, that's why our soil is so rock 'n roll and why we can grow stuff like macadamia nuts and avocados.

My hormones are all out of whack. I'm usually never this out of control, and I'm wondering why. It's not like I'm overly stressed; if anything, I'm so much happier being home now, and I have so many weights off my chest. Yet something isn't right. Usually I keep myself in tight control, like NASA and shit. I don't have freak outs or breakdowns (with the exception of occasional panic attacks, which are unobvious to outside viewers). Today I got up at 5:00 so I could take Rosco in and get him neutered. He likes car trips, he's been to the vet before, and I know it's a quick, simple procedure. Well, he did okay until right before his turn; he heard these other cats yowling, so he started panicking too and tried to get out of his box. He calmed down before I left though. So I had nothing to worry about, right? Well, I left the clinic and didn't even make it to my car before I started CRYING. I cried the entire way home! I'm sure other drivers were wondering "WTF is wrong with that psycho girl?" Even as it's happening, I'm telling myself "dude, it's not even a big deal, you're gonna feel stupid later on. It's FINE, shut up already." But for some reason, I just can't control my emotions these days. It's strange. Even now, of course, I'm looking back going "HOW LAME AM I!", but I know there wasn't anything I could've done. Why can't my uncontrolled emotion be anger instead of sadness? You know, just get all pissed and flip other drivers off and then smash someone's nose with my fist? Much cooler than crying over dumb stuff. No, I'm not knocked up or anything.

Anyway, Rosco definitely likes it here, but he's got a long way to go before he and Snickers are friends. Hopefully he'll stick to the yard and behave himself. He really seems to like being out in the sunshine, something he never had in Oregon, seeing as he was born in the winter.


Date:2008-05-28 12:01
Subject:Damn you, vile cereal!

So I got a bowl of the bootleg Fruity Pebbles and I didn't put too much milk in, but by the time I got halfway done it was all soggy. I don't know if it's because they're fake Pebbles, or if the saturation time is ridiculous with this type of cereal. I don't remember the Cocoa Pebbles (not bootleg) going to soggytown that quickly. I know all cereal has a very short lifespan, but I really did not expect such a rapid deterioration. I don't eat slow either, I'm aware of how swiftly cereal must be consumed; I respect those boundaries. I don't even put my bowl down! Looking at it is making me gag; all squishy and clinging to the bowl. BARF. Go away now, cereal.


Date:2008-05-27 19:20
Subject:They named the dog Indiana

My brothers, Mom, and I went to see Indiana Jones! I liked it, I don't giiive a fuuuuck. The difficult part for me is accepting the blend of history and spaceships, but I've never been one for science fiction in [somewhat] realistic scenarios. Either way, I thought it was good. I don't care how old he is, or how odd the plot was. It's Indiana fucking Jones. Besides, Temple of Doom wasn't all that great either, but people still crow as though the original 3 were so fantastic. Like Star Wars; nobody really liked Return of the Jedi too much, until they made new Star Wars films and all of a sudden everyone is all nostalgic about a trio of films in which one of them wasn't liked. Like it's such a heinous crime to re-introduce an old series for a new generation. It's not like it's Jaws III. Give a little credit where it's due.

Speaking of credit, how crappy does the Clone Wars look? Of course I'll go see it, but come on now. How come Gollum can look so badass, and everything Pixar does looks awesome and yet Star Wars remains to suck? Sometimes I secretly hate George Lucas, and it's not because I'm jealous, it's just because he can be a little bitch with his movies. And stop saying you make those movies for yourself. Obviously they're for US, because you release them multiple times to maximize your profits. Oh well. I'm not a victim, I'm a willing participant.


Date:2008-05-19 14:28
Subject:Link of the Week

I suddenly decided that a new exciting feature is in order for my journal. It's been a long time since I phased out "taffy flavor of the day." Link of the Week! Ergo...Today's Link.

I guess I'm not that exciting after all. Besides, this is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE for today, as I already stated I would NOT be doing anything worthwhile. Rats.


Date:2008-05-19 11:10
Subject:Watch where you fall down

Andy's trying to wrangle all of us kids into a camping trip one of these weekends. I love camping, but after living in Oregon and seeing how awesome camping can really be, it pisses me off that the Angeles forest is all we have to work with. I said we should go beach camping in Malibu, but those seagulls really ruin it. They stole all our food last time! ALL! Thankfully they left so the whiskey so we could still have breakfast. Either way, camping is great.

Oh, I planned this luau for Dave's birthday (because white people LOVE Luaus), but upon talking to him about it (because I have a big fat mouth), I found out that he didn't want a luau. Well, what's the one thing that white people like more than a luau? A FIESTA! I'm flexible; I can trade the coconut cups for margarita glasses, and the torches for a burro pinata. It's all the same to me.

Today I'm going to be unproductive. That is my entire agenda.


Date:2008-02-12 15:25

First of all, a great big FUCK YOU to Nintendo for releasing a limited edition, golden Zelda Nintendo DS Lite. Look assholes, I already bought the DS Lite in pink, had I known this would be coming to webstores near me, I would've waited. Oh, but that's your plan, is it not? To get me to buy it...AGAIN? And I thought only George Lucas was capable of such blatant ass-reaming for the fans. WHAT THE FUCK NINTENDO? The ONLY shitheads who would even buy that crap are Zelda fans; fans who probably would've waited before investing in the DS Lite! Fans who see stuff like that and big fat boners spring up from their sleepy caves! WE HAVE TO HAVE THAT KIND OF STUFF, and you know it, and you exploit it. It's not MY fault that peeps are buying non-Nintendo consoles, thus smudging your bottom line a little bit. YOU dropped the ball, not us. How about instead of yet another updated football game, you remember the nerds of yesterday who made you what you are? How about an update of Kid Icarus, huh? How about a NON SHITTY Super Pitfall? How about any number of awesome games instead of the usual crap? Take a poll! Fucking despicable. And you, George Lucas, go fuck off with your "I will NEVER release the original, non-altered editions of the trilogy." Then we all buy your CRAPPY ASS "special editions", then we all the buy the CRAPPY ASS "additional scenes editions", and then you say "oh, hey, I guess I will release those originals now. THANKS DICKFACE, now I have to not get them out of spite, and I'm stuck with the other crappy versions. Way to go.

Fucking cocksuckers in this world, I tell you. Why do people insist on ruining what made them great? It always happens. I'm embarrassed for them. Lucas, you had the greatest trilogy of all time, then you let GREEDO SHOOT FIRST?! Way to fucking stomp all over Han motherfucking Solo! Pini, you had a great fantasy comic, then you let other people create spinoffs (c'mon, 7 titles at once? You aint the X-Men). Then, when you finally took it back, all you did was re-release the originals...for the tenth time.

Everyone can go eat a bucket of dicks.

Anyway, I guess I could sell my pink one, but that's a pain in the ass. I could give it to my sister, but she won't play it much. Everyone I know has a Wii; nobody wants a DS Lite. Besides, I LIKE mine! I have a matching carry-bag. I can't get the gold system and house it in a pink carry-bag. It's just retarded. I can't even fathom it. I'll keep mine, but I'm really mad at you, Nintendo! I won't forget this!


Date:2008-01-08 20:39

Oh my fucking God, this happens every other year. I try and change my journal colors because I get tired of the same old shit, and now it's stuck on some stupid looking raggedy-ass style and I can't get it to change. I might throw my computer through the wall, because my anger is not subtle.

Mom just came in to tell me something, and I didn't ignore her, because I'm not going to be a bitch today, no matter how badly I want to.

I don't know why, but everyone is pissing me off. It seems like people either won't get off my back or they completely ignore me, and I don't know which is worse. Hmmm. On the whole I would rather be ignored.

I think I need to go get thrown out of a bar. Ta!


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