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Super Bowl

I was reading an article in the paper about what to serve for the super bowl. Maybe I'm old fashioned, true, and not a fan of la-dee-dah food or anything fancy. But I'm not opposed to a few more...interesting side dishes, so long as they are presented in conjunction with classic favorites. The paper suggested things like goat cheese flatbread pizza, and I'm all WHAT? What kind of super bowl party is that? That's fine for some pretentious get togethers ("look at me, I'm SO Los Angeles, I'm such an adventurous eater"), but the Bowl is different. People want nachos, chips, hot dogs...simple crap! It can be healthy, you can have baked wings instead of fried! There are lots of less-fatass options! But come on. If I tried to bust out with some arugula salad with water chestnuts, I'd be laughed out of the house. It's another example of these fucking "foodies" trying to worm in and steal an excuse to throw a "clambake" with their uppity menu.

Then I saw today on Yahoo another article entitled "10 favorite foods of football fans." Right away you know the article is gonna be dumb, but I had to read it anyway. Sure enough, the top food is pastrami. WTF, pastrami? I love pastrami, but who would attend a super bowl party and ask "say, where's all the pastrami?" Numbers 2 and 3 are lasagna and garlic bread. Really? Right, because everyone wants veggie lasagna with their beer. 4 is chicken fingers, well that's okay if they don't like wings (?!). Burgers are fifth and pizza sixth, which are fine, but of course the article tells us to make a pizza margherita, with fresh mozzarella...sure, because nobody wants a sloppy, cheesy, pizza delivered to their front door. Football fans want classic, light pizzas that are sprinkled with basil. PFFFT. Guacamole came in next, finally, a winner. It's not exactly a "dish", but given the alternatives on their list, at least guacamole can be found on the super food bowl table. Then chili. All right. Ribs next (but not good ribs like mine, some weird glazed rib recipe), and it ends with fries. Fries suck, they can't sit out all day! I mean, is this a supper party or a SUPER BOWL PARTY?!

I usually don't read article's comments, because I get so annoyed and can't post a response. One chick was going on about how violent football is, and the evils of alcohol, and to "not get her started on women who watch football and use alcohol." Then some pansy guy is calling Americans morons, saying we should "watch what's going on in Egypt and learn something" instead of the super bowl. WHY CAN'T I DO BOTH?! I know about the state of Egypt, I do my book-learnin'! And what, I can't watch the fucking super bowl too? It's a sad world to live in, when a girl can't have it all. Oh look, now some other girl is in the mix, saying it's so shocking how millions of people watch sports when that money should go to our schools. You know what shocks me? When people can't ever enjoy themselves! I want to be entertained, people! Dance for me, bitches! When did people in America get so fucking uptight?! I'm appalled how people can live their lives and judge everyone else for just having a harmless good time. Fuck you. Oh, nice, now people are jumping in and saying we can watch the news AND the bowl, and they aren't mutually exclusive. And women are defending their beer and football hobby. See, barbaric football fans can be courteous, even in the face of adversaries. I'm loving how everyone is saying "they forgot pizza!!!", because that margherita pizza on the list is so far from what they have in mind for their favorite pie. Hahahaha.

What's with all the weirdos saying people are going to be rushed to the hospital from all the fatass American food? It's ONE DAY. ONE GAME. It's not a recipe booklet for every day of the week. It's party food, not "the daily fat." Lighten up, assholes! If I have a stroke from my fucking ribs, then I'll stand corrected. But I WON'T. I'll have my fatass foods, and then on Monday, I'll go back to eating my regular fare of chicken and vegetables and normal food. So what? So to all you people who rhetorically have commented wondering "how many people are going to the ER on Sunday?", my guess is not as many as a day like the fourth of July, when the food is just as fat, and idiots are lighting fireworks off in their bare hands.

I have to write about yahoo articles and post comments more often!!! I am cracking up at all of the indignant comments written by people who share my feelings on that suggested menu:

what will you be watching the game on? a 13" black and white tv? of the 100's of tailgate, football parties i have seen on tv or attended, pastrami sandwich is #1? come on! is this for a party of 3? where is the fried chicken? the chicken wings? salsa? nacho's? peanuts? chips? pretzels? hot dogs? brats? cheese? (are you too ignorant to know that the packers are playing?) your first 5 are really wrong - hamburgers are for warmer weather sporting events - not superbowl. then where does and when did the italian food (not including pizza) get included or introduced to super bowl fare? and then margherita pizza? are there any americans coming to your waste of time gathering? and french fries????? where's the desert???? [Yes, where's the dessert?!]

Your suggestions of items is good for people who want to keep the costs low but a super bowl deserves super food BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and about 10 other appetizers and deserts to go with it. Not French fries........[I love the "about ten other appetizers" line. Hahaha! That's called having your priorities bang in order!]

hello where are the wings? have you ever been to any football sunday? [Yeah!]

Hand torn basil leaves? What the... there shall be no green things on my super bowl pizza! [See?!]

Who ever wrote this article knows nothing about what people eat while watching football. Chicken fingers? Who the hell eats chicken fingers? It's called wings, and lots of them. Pizza should be #1 [Lots of them! Buckets of them! Wings all around!]

I love how everything is diet food now a days. Trust me neither me nor my buddies want to eat a basil pizza or a vegetarian lasagna. Give me the Pepperoni, Sausage and Mushroom pizza or the Supreme Extra Large Pizza. A Lasagna with meat or a burger with Curly fries and a beer. NOBODY at a super bowl party is watching their weight people. That like cooking thanksgiving dinner and only offering dry oatmeal and a fruit salad.[It is exactly like that, bro.]

Okay, what upper class snob said this is the choice of football fans. Where are the brats, summer sausage, beer cheese soup, beer brats, real americanized pizza, philly cheesesteak sandwiches, cheese, taco dip, footlong subs, chicken wings, whole chicken even. Come on this was a really crappy article on what is considered the 10 best foods to serve at a superbowl party.Like a previous comment earlier are you really that ignorant of who is playing in the superbowl.(Packers and Steelers hard working people who need real food for real people.this article should be reported [Hahahaha, the article should be reported!!!]

what the hell is this article about ?? this is green bay and pittsburgh playing, not boca raton and los angeles. real football fans want deep fried, cheesy, lets get sloppy food. [See, look what's happening; Los Angeles is a laughingstock now, thanks to all of those foodie pricks infiltrating our eateries!]

If someone brought vegetable lasagne, they're getting their ass kicked [Word.]

meatball subs,bologna and cheese,chips and salsa,shrimp,BEER these are football foods not friggin lasagna wtf learn how to throw a superbowl party people [Beer in caps, people, take notes!]

hot wings w/chunky blue cheese, nachos, cheesy buffalo wing dip, taco dip, sausage, peppers-n-onions crock pot, mini sub rolls, ribs slathered in dinosaur bar-b-que sauce, pizza (meatlover's w/extra cheese), and capped off with a delectable delmonico hot off the grill to celebrate Packers win,....don't ya love these ppl that post on here having the audacity to cut on one's eating habits or entertainment choices, don't they have better things to do like beat their wife or something, a.. holes,... enjoy the game my friends d:) [So, are you like, available??]

It's not like people do this kind of eating all the time. For God's sakes "It's the Superbowl" treat it as such! [That's what I'm saying!]

Lasagna??? are you kidding me!!! who the hell eats lasagna at a football game. Or even decides to have it while at home watching football. I can see it now, hey Bill wanna come over for a super bowl party? yeah sure that sounds great Mike. Should I bring the lasagna? that's when mike and the guys stop hanging with Bill. [And that sums it up better than I ever could]

The public has spoken!
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