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Get in the Katie Habit

Sweet Valley High #28

I gt to see Holly last night! I kept bringing it up at work, and it was sort of a big deal because I haven't got to go out in forever, so I was telling Brian and Danny "I get to go out! I'm going out!" I wasn't much fun since I had to leave early, but I loved it anyway! Holly said something so funny, and I said "please don't let me forget you said that!", but now I can't remember it!!! Damn it!!! We got pissed when we saw people in costumes; if I had known that people celebrated after the holiday, I would've...well, done something! At least worn my mustache! Hopefully that wasn't their big Halloween event, because if it was, wow, that really went to shit. That or, not to be all into myself, but I did bring a crowd...I brought about a dozen people last year! Can I help being so fucking rad? No.

Oh, speaking of being rad, did I mention I fell on my face and embarrassed myself at work? Hahaha! This happened maybe about a week ago? The [adorable] security guard and my boss' boss were out chatting in front of the store after we had closed. So I said goodnight, then I walked off to my car, which was in a straight line from where they were standing, but at the edge of the lot so I had to walk a bit. Well, somehow I managed to totally eat shit on the pavement just as I made it to my trunk. We're talking my shit went flying and I hit the ground! HAHAHAHA!!! I tried to play it off just in the slight chance that they missed it; I got up super fast and acted like I had just dropped my stuff, but they probably saw. Oh man, what a dummy. I biffed it so hard, I was sore for days. Normally I'm not a klutz. Why don't I ever fall when I drink? [When I fell on my birthday it doesn't count because I fell out of a car, not tripped over my own two feet...!]

School is going okay. I'm getting high scores in both classes. It's half over, so we shall see if I can maintain it. I like being back in school; it gives me a false feeling of being productive, and it's a ready-made excuse for ducking out of any unexpected unpleasantries (i.e. social events). 'Sorry, I have to study. Wish I could, but I have a test. Oh shoot, maybe next time.' HA!

I am dying to get back into Warcraft. Easter started to download the patch but it got interrupted somehow, so I think I'll do it tonight before bed. Tomorrow I have to get my DMV shit handled. Honestly, it's only $14 and a quick phone call, but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it, even after the half dozen parking tickets. See, making me pay money I don't have STILL doesn't teach me a lesson, because my laziness always wins out overall!

My voter info says that my new polling place is in the local park. The PARK? I probably won't even vote this year, but we'll see. I'm really into Prop 2, and even though the Presidential election is an indirect vote (and I don't care), I think the Propositions are direct, so I wouldn't mind voting for that one. No on everything else I think. Ehhh. We'll see.

Oh, that coworker who likes me has now been officially promoted to Creepy Status, code red.
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