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Treehouse of Horror 13

I haven't seen the latest Treehouse of Horror, but I think I remember seeing a DVD of Treehouse-only episodes. I better confirm that on Amazon...oh, nevermind, it's only an hour's worth. And what the Hell, they are referencing the Shining episode, but Homer wasn't the one who told Bart "you want to get sued?" when he said "shining" instead of "shinning." That was Willie. Damn you, Amazon! Get yer quotes straight!

Gah, I'm so disappointed in this year's Halloween! I know I shouldn't care that I work so late; I should say "work can't get me down, I have Punky Power!" and I should go out and have fun anyway (because I always have fun). And yet...ehhhh...I don't have a costume. I didn't decorate at work or home. No carved pumpkins. It's just another day. That sucks. I'll just score some cheap candy this weekend, put it in a pillowcase, and watch horror movies on Sunday. Occasionally I'll stick my head in the pillowcase and rustle around and make candy sounds. That will help.

Work went well today. I hauled balls and got a lot done. Tomorrow Brian won't really have to do anything in the morning, so that's good. Yvonne and I had some laughs, as usual. She is so funny I can't stand it. She's the nicest person on Earth, so everything she says is nice and innocent, which is why it makes me crack up so hard. She'll offer a customer sample after sample, and if they keep eating, she'll keep giving, and I don't know why, but I start laughing as soon as Yvonne gives the second sample. I guess I'm just imaging how it will go..."do you like turkey? Oh! We have some great honey turkey...hey, do you like caramels? I just got some in! Oh, you have to try this fig jam, it is to die for...ooooh, let me just grab you some seeded crackers; you like seeds, right?" I love her! I can't wait to go out with everyone! It's harder to get together with my new coworkers than it was with my old ones, but I know it'll be just as good.

I'm not voting, and I don't care. I'm not going to go on about it, but I'm really sick of hearing about Prop 8. If I vote, there is exactly ONE item on the ticket that I would be voting for, and that is Prop 2 (the farm animals). Everything else...fuuuuuck ittttttttt.

Oh, I spent my break outside for a change, and I was watching these guys try to raise money for their cause...some sort of new economy thing. I guess they said they're fighting for a new economy, and that the British suck? I dunno, that's all I could gather from my safe distance; I didn't care enough to actually converse with them. I think one of the guys has the wrong idea though...when people took info and made it very clear that it was to humor them, the guy would go "we're fundraising, can you help us out?" Why would you ask people for money when they just took a pamphlet to shut you up? Oh, and he was retarded about it too, because when one woman was actually going to give him money [she was going through her wallet!], he said "we like to ask for $25, or $50!" When she sort of did a double take at those numbers, he said "well, we can make change if you want to give $10!" Needless to say, she didn't give him anything after that [MODED!]. I'm thinking...dude, what happened to a big jar and a "anything you can spare helps" attitude? Fundraising for a new economy...right.

If I have extra money for a cause, it goes to helping German Shepherds and kittens. And tequila for me (because we all need a little rescuing!). I would never in a million years give money to people who don't like the economy. Get in line, assholes. Oh, and ram it.

Normally I hate daylight savings, but I have to work at 6 am on Sunday, so suddenly it seems really cool! Haha.
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