Get in the Katie Habit (happyapathy) wrote,
Get in the Katie Habit

By Any Other Name

Haw! A judge made a kid a ward of the court so he could have her name changed from "Talula Does The Hula" to something decent. What the fuck, parents? In his ruling, Murfitt cited a list of the unfortunate names. Registration officials blocked some names, including Fish and Chips, Yeah Detroit, Keenan Got Lucy and Sex Fruit, he said. But others were allowed, including Number 16 Bus Shelter "and tragically, Violence," he said.

Those names make those stupid celebrity kids' names seem okay. At least one of my kids' names will start with an X. I think X is the coolest letter. Maybe I'll just name them all "X." I'll refer to them as X1, X2, X3...or X squared, X cubed...hahaha...

[I know that X2 is not the same as X to the power of 2, I was merely entertaining myself.]

This is not my week. Here's why:
1. A miniature volcano-like wound growing on my leg. My guess? An infected bug bite
2. A parking ticket for $50 for parking too far from my curb
3. JURY DUTY summons
4. No job this week
5. Damaged contacts (contacts as in eyewear, not acquaintances)
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