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See, now I've got Korn [KoRn] songs running through my head. I started thinking about it, and I remembered...hey, wait, I had a Korn shirt back in high school. Back then I sort of liked them, but I also talked shit on them because I thought they were "lesser" rock, like Incubus and Tool. Good, but not Motley Crue or punk or anything really awesome. Of course, nowadays with CRAP SHIT BALLS like Linkin Park, it makes me appreciate those fringe bands so much more. Wow, Incubus was the worst of them? Pffft, okay. I'll take them any day. And I miss the Smashing Pumpkins too. I never thought of those guys as weak rock, because to me they weren't trying to be badass. That's why I had no problem with bands like REM, Blind Melon, Counting Crows, whatever. Oh, and fuck you, Fred Durst, while I'm at it. I hate that Biscuit band.

I had a great time with Holly last night! She got me this awesome slut drink, which I had totally forgotten about until Shawn showed up. YUM. Normally I hate cranberry, but not when it's in that drink! It was finally an uneventful night at the bar for us; we're an event unto ourselves! We also came to the conclusion that we'd like to have Colin's babies. Damn him for being all married!

Ouch, my skin split on the underside of my smallest toe late last night. Something online said it could be Athlete's Foot, but there's no gross stuff on it or anything, and it doesn't itch. It has happened before and usually it's gone in a couple days. Hurts like crazy though.

I'm hungry! I wish I had thought ahead and froze some orange juice for breakfast. That's my favorite breakfast of all time, and it's one thing I miss about working at the deli. Every night I'd freeze a box of juice so when I got in the next day I could stab at it with my spoon. It would last all morning!

I really need to make a couple phone calls today, but I'm dragging my heels because I *hate* making phone calls more than I hate anything else. Once I'm actually talking it gets a little better, but when the phone is ringing, I get this unexplainable anxiety. It's odd, because I never had issues about making phone calls from work; I was always on the phone. I never had this issue up until somewhat recently. I think because I avoid the phone so much now, it has gotten built up in my head to where I'm psyching myself out of simple fucking phone calls. I don't know why. It should be the easiest form of communication, right? You can always hang up! What's wrong with me? See what I'm becoming?

Holly reminded me of that ridiculous vagina community, so I went to read it, but within seconds I rerouted to the polyamory community, and I have to say, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I really should stop reading, because it just creeps me out. I think I'm pretty liberal about sex and all, but this is one thing I don't get. The only way I'd ever be able to get down with even a simple threesome (haha, simple) is if the guy involved is NOT my boyfriend. I'm too jealous, but I'm not insecure. I'm already seeing posts/comments about how if you're jealous then it means you're insecure and all that. Well, no, I'd say if you see your significant other scamming somebody else, then you'd be fucking retarded to not go "hey, wait, WTF." I've always said that maybe I'm not the type to settle down with any one person, but I sure as shit know I'm not the type to settle down with several people. Who knows, for me personally, I tend to judge things really harshly, and more often than not I end up doing them, so maybe I should just keep my mouth shut (that'd be a first). I guess what really trips my balls are the married people who swing with other people/couples. I don't understand how that can work? Especially since a lot of it isn't a random bar encounter, it's actual relationships on the side. Do you just not get so attached to one person? I dunno, I don't get that part. Or maybe it makes the marriage work because suddenly there are no issues about sex, ever. Like, if you aren't happy, you can fuck around and it's okay. Plus you get to do what you want and never have to answer to anyone, so maybe those marriages work out better since you essentially take out the jealousy/sex/paranoia that can kill a marriage. Oh, my husband is too busy for me, no problem, I'll go fuck Other Guy. Oh, my wife doesn't listen to my problems, it's okay, Other Girl does. Something like that, perhaps?
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